Terms and conditions

Additional activities

There are many sporting and additional activities you can take part in, many of which are not operated by us or our agents. Please be aware that if you take part in these activities, that it is done so at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that these companies are maintained and operated to our required standards, and therefore advise that you or any member of your party take all reasonable care and precaution when taking part in any such activities, and recommend that you use companies who operate a professional service and employ good safety practices. You should ensure that all water sports, diving or similar sporting activities are covered by your holiday insurance as some may be considered dangerous sports and may not be covered under normal policy conditions.

Air conditioning and heating

All air conditioning where stated will be on timers and available for use between 14:00pm to 16:00pm and between 20:00pm to 08:00am hours. The air conditioning, unless otherwise mentioned, is fitted in the bedrooms only and acts as a cooling and heating system. Please remember that with high outsitde temperatures the equipment should not run at its máximum to ensure efficient performance. Single bedrooms do not always have this. Air conditioning where described may be static, wall or floor mounted or portable units. As with in the UK, in the event of a breakdown engineers do have a specified call out pattern and it may take up to five working days before a visit can be arranged or a part ordered. Sealand Villas will not pay compensation due to the failure of any appliance within this time frame, but will of course assist you to the best of our ability.

Aircraft noise

Please note that in certain resorts, it is not uncommon to experience aircraft noise. This may be more noticeable during peak season due to the increase of flights.


Mosquitoes, ants and other insects are quite common in the warmer climates particularly in the country areas. Many of our properties are surrounded by gardens and the countryside where you may find mice, small rodents and farm animals. Food should be covered to deter stray rodents and animals. Dogs and cats, unlike in the UK, seem to roam around unattended and whilst many holiday makers like their company and provide endless supplies of food they will remain. You may hear dogs barking or in rural areas other animal noises. These sort of aggravations, together with late night noise, are unfortunately unavoidable.


Nearly all our villas have barbecues. It is not normal in southern Europe for maids to clean barbecues, therefore we kindly ask guests to leave them in a reasonable and usable condition. We have asked owners to supply cleaning implements. Barbecues may be gas or charcoal. Due to fire safety reasons, barbecue bans may be imposed at any time.


These may consist of a shower or bath, or both (all details are as per the villa descriptions in the brochure and on the web site).


In the event that you or any member of your party behaves in a way that causes distress, annoyance or injury to others, damage to property or does not respect or conform to local laws and customs, we reserve the right to terminate your holiday forthwith. In such an event, we will have no further liability or financial responsibility for you and you will have to meet any costs or expenses incurred as a result of your behaviour.

Building and Road works

From time to time, building work and its associated noise is unavoidable in a resort. We do not control such work and we do not always receive advance notice of when it will begin. We will notify you as soon as possible if we think that building work will affect your holiday. If we consider the work will have a significant effect on your holiday, you will be entitled to exercise the options outlined in the section headed "If we change your holiday" although compensation will not be payable unless the work is being carried out by or on behalf of one of our own suppliers. In some resorts the provision of roads, power and water supplies etc, does not always keep pace with the demands of rapid tourist development, so you may experience problems with, for example, plumbing or drainage. Roads and pathways in some countries may not be up to the standard found in the UK, therefore please be aware that some roads and paths may be uneven.

Continental beds

These can be quite short so if someone in your party is particularly tall, please let us know when you book so that we can suggest an appropriate villa.


All distances are calculated approximately in km’s by car.


Electricity supplies can be erratic, especially in peak season. Electricity cuts rarely last more than a few hours, so any inconvenience caused is not usually acute. Please note that it is not always possible to use several electrical appliances at the same time.


From the 1st of July 2016 The Balearic Government has introduced the tax called “tax on tourist stays”(better known as the “Ecotax”). The collection of this tax is generated for “the sustainable tourism fund”. This fund has the objective of protecting, conserving and recuperating the rural and marine environment, improving the quality and competitiveness of the tourist sector and its deseasonalisation and also towards the development of a sustainable tourism infrastructure; etc.

Here’s a brief resumé of the Ecotax:

Ecotax applicable

-The ecotax is payable on all stays occurring from the 1st July 2016, regardless of the date of booking.

-It is payable by all persons of 16 years or more. Those who have yet to reach 16 years of age do not pay Ecotax.

-The price of the Ecotax is 2 EUR plus 10% VAT = 2.20 EUR per person per day for the first 8 nights. From the 9th night forward, there is a discount of 50% (price will therefore be 1,00 EUR + 10% VAT = 1.10 EUR). This is when they are in the same accommodation. If their stay comprises different places (e.g 7 nights in a villa, then 7 nights in another villa) there is then no discount applicable.

-This price of 2 euro + 10% VAT per person and per day is only for "high season”. The government makes a distinction between high and low season. High season is from 1st May to 31st October, and the price is as mentioned above. The low season (1st November to 30th April) has a 50% discount (so that is 1 EUR + VAT = 1.10 EUR for the first 8 nights, and 0.50 EUR plus 10% VAT = 0.55 EUR per person from the 9th night.)

-The ecotax needs to be paid before your arrival day directly with us.


Lively and animated celebrations can take place throughout the year and are often accompanied with firework displays, church bells and music. Villages are decorated with banners and lights, food stalls line the streets and in some cases shops and banks etc, may close.

Golf Villas

Please be aware that the risk of stray golf balls entering the gardens of villas near golf courses is unavoidable.


Most of our villas have a hairdryer included. If this is not the case our resort office will be happy to provide one on request.

Local laws

Please note that local laws and religious observance can lead to the withdrawal of certain facilities.


This is a galleried landing normally above the lounge. They comply with local regulations but not necessarily UK safety laws.


We suggest for security reasons that you take the majority of your spending money in either travellers cheques or use your credit/debit cards. Please be aware that there are safes in nearly all of our villas – please see the Villa Information book and ask the Resort team for details. The use of safes is free of charge so we will not accept any responsibility or claim in the event of a theft.

Noise and activity

Whilst accommodation in residential or rural areas is likely to be quieter than that in resort centers, please anticipate some surrounding noise, whether it be passing vehicles, residents of nearby property or the country sounds of animals and birds. Properties in resort centers can be expected to experience noise associated with their locations. Noise levels will naturally increase during peak season.


These are not permitted in any of our properties.

Property checks - your property

At the beginning of each season we do a full inventory check with all our owners to make sure our properties are up to standard and ready for the season start.

All properties have electrical home entertainment systems e.g. DVD, Hi-Fi, TV.

All properties have washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, ovens and the majority have microwaves and air-conditioning. We do not accept any responsibility for the malfunction, breakdown or lack of use of any of the items when a specialist engineer/electrician is required. This can take up to five working days before they will visit due to their call out procedures from Palma.


You will be required to take your rubbish on a daily basis to a nearby collection point. Please do assist by doing this, as it not only reduces the risk of unpleasant smells but also removes the risk of insect infestation. Bottles must always be disposed of separately. Many supermarket car parks have bottle-recycling collection facilities. All details will be given in the Villa Information book.

Safety matters

Health and safety standards in foreign countries will differ from those that we are used to and take for granted at home. Our villas always comply with local safety regulations, but these may not match UK standards - which are among the highest in the world. You will receive more detailed information relating to health and safety in your Villa Information book, but we would ask you to consider the following areas of safety when choosing your holiday. Most of our properties are privately owned and are designed to the specification of the owner. Houses with steep and unguarded staircases or steps (sometimes without handrails), ornate balconies or ponds, or houses with steep drives or drops may not be well-suited to a party with young or less mobile guests. Points you should consider:

• Balconies and other steep drops, protected by railings or other barriers which may encourage small children to climb or squeeze through.

• Roof terraces often have low walls.

• Glass doors and windows, which may be difficult to see in bright sunlight.

• Marble floors, which may be slippery when feet are wet.

• Ungated swimming pools or villas where rooms open directly onto pool areas.

• Infinity edge pools may have an unguarded drop.

 We constantly work to improve safety standards by taking advice from appropriate organisations within the UK but should you be concerned about any health or safety issue while on holiday, the Resort team will be happy to help.

Satellite TV and entertainment systems

Whilst all our properties have televisions with satellite receivers, most only have a few English channels on offer which is the main reason we provide DVD players. The lack of English speaking channels is primarily because analogue has been switched off and British satellite broadcasters do not support satellite broadcasting outside of the UK. A lot of our villas have a local digital satellite system which offers a small selection of English channels but the majority are local channels and other European channels. Some of our villas do have digital boxes and when conditions are perfect you might be able to view BBC1/2, ITV 1, Sky News and a variety of other English speaking TV and radio channels. 

We do not accept any responsibility for the malfunction, breakdown or lack of use  when a specialist engineer/electrician is required. This can take up to five working days before they will visit due to their call out procedures from Palma.

Single sex parties

An additional damage deposit may be required.

Shooting seasons

Throughout Europe, hunters are permitted to shoot wildlife for the whole or a substantial part of the year. If this causes concern, please contact us for further details.

Suitability of villa

We do not claim that any villa is totally child-friendly or safe and care should always taken by parents and family. Some villas are better suited than others for the elderly or families with young children and we are happy to discuss your requirements at the time of booking your holiday.

Sun beds

Villas will be supplied with sun beds, but these belong to the owner and can vary from property to property. Due to breakages the style supplied at the property may differ from the original ones shown in the brochure/on the web site.

Sun umbrellas

Owners are not obliged to supply sun umbrellas. Due to breakages, the style supplied at the property may differ from the original one/s shown in the brochure/on the web site.

Swimming pools and beaches

Where we advertise the distance to the nearest beach, please remember that beaches aren't always sandy but may be rocky or of local stone. We also cannot be held responsible for crowded beaches, especially during peak season.

Descriptions of pools are as accurate as possible, but the dimensions, where provided, are only approximate. Free-form pools are measured at their maximum width and length. Diving is strictly forbidden at all swimming pools in private villas as the pools are rarely deep enough.

Chemicals in pools are carefully regulated, however certain climatic conditions (rainfall, thunderstorms etc) can affect the balance and pools start to look green. If so, please let the Resort team know immediately and the necessary adjustments will be made. Water sometimes takes 2-3 days to turn blue again.

Although we have our own pool technicians that can attend to any problem, in some cases an additional pool technician may need to be called from Palma, which due to call out procedures may involve a time delay. We cannot be held responsible for this and will do all possible to resolve any/all problems.

Pool liners are very delicate and can easily be punctured. No hard or sharp objects should be taken into the pool and great care must be taken with the pool cleaning equipment – children should not be allowed to use it.

Two of our villas (Siquier and Font Xica Gran) have a heated jacuzzi, if you wish to have it heated there is an extra cost of £90 per week during the period to 28th March –15th June and from 15th September to 31st October 2020- It takes time to warm up (2-3 days). Please note that jacuzzi heatings makes maximum 3/4 degrees more than outside temperature in Spring and Autumn season. Please advise us at the time of booking if required.

Table tennis tables/billiard tables

These are there to provide enjoyment and are suitable for a friendly ‘knock about’. Some villas have table tennis tables as standard whilst others do not. For villas sleeping 7-10 persons a table tennis table can be requested at the time of booking booking if available. 


Beach and pool towels are not included in the villa price. These can however be hired at a cost of £7.50 per towel. We ask you not to use the towels provided in the villa around the pool or at the beach.

Tracks or approach roads

Some properties are approached by rough and uneven roads or tracks leading up to them. Some approach roads can also be steep. If you are particularly concerned about driving on unmade roads, please check with us regarding suitability of access.

Traffic noise

Some traffic noise may be audible at some of our properties. Increased levels of traffic and subsequent noise must be expected in the peak periods, especially in the more popular tourist areas.

Two centre holidays

May we bring to your attention the vacation times and occupation times for any two villa holidays: vacation 10am – occupation 3pm (4pm in July/August). Complimentary food pack is not supplied at the second accommodation – only on arrival at your first accommodation.


Shortages of water and reduced water pressure may occur in peak season and can sometimes be cut off without any notice whatsoever. Of course, everything will be done to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


Our villas are located in areas where the weather is generally good throughout the summer, with low average rainfall. Buildings are designed/furnished to be comfortable in hot temperatures, and may not be as well suited to wet and/or cold periods as north European houses. Humidity can be a particular problem in countries where temperatures are usually high. A number of our properties have central heating, available to use for early/late season bookings as required. We are happy to provide you with any property specific information that you might require in this respect.


Some of our villas are provided with Internet connection/ Wifi.

As with in the UK, in the event of a breakdown technicians do have a specified call out pattern and it may take up to two working days before a visit can be arranged or a part ordered. Sealand Villas will not pay compensation due to the failure of any appliance within this timeframe, but will of course assist you to the best of our ability.

Please note: The villa Wifi is not as fast as Wifi in the UK as the connection utilises 3G in Mallorca. The villa Wifi cannot be used for downloading films, music etc as the wifi companies in Mallorca can check and will charge you a fee if this is done.


Many of our properties have a septic tank rather than mains drainage and most have narrow-gauge pipe work. Nothing other than toilet paper should be put down any WC. Blockages are inconvenient and expensive to clear. During the season it may prove necessary for the septic tanks to require pressure cleaning. We cannot be held responsible should any cleaning prove to be necessary during your stay for whatever reason. We will always advise you of the time and date and request your permission regards any/all cleans.